Monday, May 10, 2010

Drying out

While this spring looked like it was going to provide us with perfect early planting conditions, it's slowly turning into a late planting situation again for many areas of the state. Much of the state's corn crop is, or has been under water. Our SoyMVP fields that made it in the ground early have suffered the same fate.

Hopefully, the rain that is expected this week will be minimal or will hold off altogether so that we can get back on track.

For more information on flood damage to corn, please see the following posts made by Chad Lee on the Grain Crops Update Blog.

Flood Damage to Corn

Estimating N Losses in Wet Soils

Herbicide Issues in Flood Damaged Corn Fields

Below is an excellent resource with several links pertaining to flood damage in both corn and soybean.

Crop Management Information for Flood-Damaged Field Crops

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