Friday, October 8, 2010

Harvest continues, yields, wheat planting

The last three weeks have been very busy, as combines are rolling across the entire area. My previous update talked about our first harvested field that hit 78 bpa. If that concerned you, don't worry, I havent', and most likely won't, see anything close to that again this year. That field was a special situation in which early planting, relatively early maturity, and adequate rainfall at that location led to a near perfect storm in a year like this.

My most recent yield numbers are more reflective of what I am hearing for yield number across the state. More recent yields have range anywhere from 19 to 49 bpa. Fortunately, most seeds were in the ground within the optimum planting window this year, or we might be looking at an even uglier situation.

I'm getting quite a few questions about wheat planting this year. Dr. Chad Lee put out a very informative article about the not so stellar options we have this year when planting the wheat crop. The link is below.

Wheat Planting: Two options and neither is great

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